IP Expands International Scholarship Program

Impossible Possibilities (IP) selected three women from Kenya, Africa, to receive college scholarships through its Past the Periphery program.

IP Expands International Scholarship Program

The Past the Periphery program provides international assistance by supporting student education in developing countries. The organization’s first international scholarship recipient, Joseph Nguma, IP Scholarship Class of 2017, will graduate from Mount Kenya University in 2021.

“Joseph set the bar for what can be achieved through hard work and determination,” Board member Demi Butler said. “We gave him an opportunity, and he made the most of it. We expect these young ladies to do the same.”

Hadassah Kitanga, from Kitui County, ranked in the top five of her high school class. She is one of seven siblings raised by a single mother who supports the family as a small-scale farmer. Hadassah has aspirations of becoming a teacher.

Victoria Mutunga, from Makueni County, ranked in the top five of her high school class. She has three younger siblings, but the income earned by her parents is not enough to support her dreams of attending college and becoming a teacher.  

Mary Nyambu, from Mombasa County, is ranked top of her high school class of more than 230 students. Her father, the sole income earner of the family, is currently out of work after breaking his leg on the job. Mary’s goal is to become a biomedical engineer.